Different ways you can haul an Indian Saree lithely in any Indian Function.

India is a land of so many cultures and so many traditions, to compensate with the same there are so many different clothing apparels available for Indian women to look gorgeously different in each one of them. From the beginning of the Age, Indian has always been a place where different cultures are celebrated with full energy and enjoyed with love. Every occasion calls for a different Indian Clothing. There is so much variety in Indian clothing that not only different occasions has different style of clothing but also the dressing style changes with age as well.

May it be Diwali functions, Eid, Holi, Wedding function, Mehendi, Sangeet, etc women have to separate their Indian dresses accordingly. For example let’s take a wedding function, a married women wears Saree, others may wear a Lehenga choli, a little girl is dresses with an anarkali gown or a salwar kameez an old women may wear a saree of her cultural belonging.

Not only there are verities of Indian clothing but also a same Indian dress may be worn in so many different styles, according to their respective cultures. This variety of styling available for women makes every women in the world fancy them. But not everyone knows what all style are available or which style of a saree is best suited for when. But don’t worry, we are here bearing gifts.

We have brought you a style guide different ways you can rock a saree (Indian Dress) at any Indian function. A saree is a long piece of cloth as you may know and thre can be so much innovation on how to wrap it in style. Here are some styles that will make you look authentically beautiful in and Authentic Indian saree and you can wear it any Indian celebration.

  1. Seedha Pallu/ Gujarati saree
  2. Bengali saree
  3. Nauvari saree
  4. Nivi drape
  5. Rajasthani saree

1. Gujarati saree

A Guajarati style draping Saree is basically designed to show the work of the pallu of a saree. Gujarati Saree has the drapping side pallu draped at the front side of the saree. for these, firstly the pleats of the Saree (Indian Clothing) is tucked on the left side, so that it opens on the left side of the saree. then the pallu, or the drape is pleated and taken across to the right shoulder and pinned. then the right corner of the drape is spread across the front and tucked in the petticoat at the back, leaving the right corner hanging.

You can also leave the left corner untucked and let the saree drape hang on the side.

Different ways you can haul an Indian Saree lithely in any Indian Function.

2. Bengali saree

A Bengali saree has long pleats in the front. the drape of the Bengali Indian saree is  pleated and pinned to the left shoulder, then the other side corner of the pallu is brought in front from below the right arm and pinned to the upper part of the right shoulder.

Different ways you can haul an Indian Saree lithely in any Indian Function.


3. Nauvari saree

A nauvari saree is basically in style of an Indian Dhoti, the pleats in this style of Indian wedding saree is tucked behind. The lower part of pleats also called kashta is took around and tucked behind from below, it is made in order to facilitate women to walk freely in An Indian Sari, and the draping is simply pleated and pinned on the left shoulder. Some women like to take a pallu or hood for that they cover their head with the border of pallu forming hoodie style appearance.

Different ways you can haul an Indian Saree lithely in any Indian Function.


4. Nivi Drape

Nivi style drape in Indian saree is the most commonly wore saree, in this style of Indian saree draping, the pleats are in the right hand side. The drape of the Indian Saree is pleated and pinned to the left shoulder, leaving the pallu hanging.

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5. Rajasthani saree

A Rajasthani style draping saree is similar to that of a Guajarati saree. The pleats of the Indian saree is on the left side, and the drape of the Indian saree is brought from the back, pinned to the right shoulder, the end of the pallu is wrapped from the back and pinned in the front.

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All these styles of Indian Saree draping will help you look amazingly gorgeous. No matter which style you select, an Indian Saree will bring out the beautiful self that you are. An Indian saree can bring out your femme fatale only if its authentic and best of its kind, which you can find at FashionandStylish. Buy best and authentic sarees, with best quality material at very good prices only at FashionandStylish.