Styling a slik saree in vogue

As the time flees, people need newer styles. The old way of having things and using it is not enough anymore. People are reinventing the old things in a new way. For example, old songs are back into the market but they are remixed or remaked into the new trendy style. Other examples are old style clothes that are making its way back into the new market but with slight changes like bell bottom jeans but with a twist of plazo, polka dot shirts with a twist of crop tops. 

Not only are the old styles coming with new twists but the a la mode is to style a simple clothing apparel into many different ways. Indian Clothing has always been a trend setter and in this trend of styling thing in a different way, it has not been set behind. Anarkalies are now styled as Evening gowns, the duppatas are worn as scarfs. Lehengas are being worn as skirts and cholies are styled as crop tops, the duppata is also styled as tops. The kamez of a salwar kamez is worn with jeans and shorts, the salwar is worn with a crop top. These trends are a basic example of mixed and fused fashion.
One of this is the Indian clothing apparel Saree, a saree is one of the most differently styled Indian clothing that you may find. A saree being just a piece of cloth has a wide opportunity for styling it in different ways. The most potential being in the silk saree, as the silk saree is very smooth and very flexible, its main feature is that it can be turn and twist without creasing and that gives it an advantage. Old and simple versions of clothing have been off the wagon for a while, but don’t feel left out, we have arrived here with different ways that you can style a silk saree to be in fashion.


Styling a slik saree in vogue
The first style is to drape a saree as a scarf. In this style of styling the Indian silk saree, the bottom of the saree remains same, you wear a top instead of the blouse and wrap the drape of the saree around your neck as a scarf. This style of Indian silk saree is very a la mode and many models prefer this style in Bollywood as well. This gives the saree a modern touch, reliving its essence. The saree is taken from the front to the back bring forward from the right side, wrapped around the neck and then again to the back, giving the saree a scarf look.
Styling a slik saree in vogue

You can also leave the drape open in the front or any other way you style a scarf can be applied to the saree. The flexibility of an Indian silk saree gives it the advantage of being styled in so many different styles.



Styling a slik saree in vogue
The Second style of styling an Indian silk saree is also called the lehenga style in which the sarees bottom remains the same, and the drape is taken as duppata. The whole look of the saree come forth as a lehenga choli, so it is essentially a saree turned into lehenga choli look. In this look the bottom part of the Indian silk saree remains the same, after the pleats the drape is taken from behind, bring forward from the left side, carried as a duppata and then the end is taken back to the back from the left. In this style a blouse with hooks on the back as well as kurti, choli or any top will do. 


Styling a slik saree in vogue

The third style of styling a Indian silk saree is very simple and very casual, the only thing is that on this look you add a belt to the saree. The bottom part remains the same as usual but in this the drape is also taken the same way the only difference is that the drape is pleated into a narrow strip and the end is pinned to keep it intact. After the saree is worn, a belt is added on the waist section to make it modish. The top worn in can be a crop top or a choli, this belt used is also called ‘kamrbandh’, usually used in Guajarati chanya cholies. This simple trick gives the saree a different and modern look.



Styling a slik saree in vogue

In the 4th way of styling an Indian Silk saree, the saree is tied to the neck like an handkerchief or a small scarf. In this saree, most of the part need to be covered in the bottom, then the drape is taken from behind the waist brought forward, where the right hand corner of the pallu is tied around the neck like a handkerchief, and the left part is left loose, you can pin the saree in accordance that it maintains the posture. The whole look here is of a chocker, the pallu of the Indian saree is styled as a choker.



Styling a slik saree in vogue

The 5th way is a little difficult but gives the same effect. In this modern style the western fashion is fused with Indian clothing fashion. The base here is a pant and a top of your choosing, then the Indian silk saree is first pleated and the drape is taken from below the right hand shoulder to the left shoulder and pinned. The other end of the saree is taken from the middle of the two legs and turned twice, pinned on the right leg. Then the pleats are made from the second layer of saree. This is a proper representation of Indo western, half saree- half jeans and top.

So these are the ways in which you can style your Indian silk saree to look modish, chick and a la mode. It will make you stand out in every function, because new, trendy Fusion is what the fashion stands for in the modern world. This simple tricks will make you modern but these will only work when you have an original Indian silk saree. You can find the best original Indian silk saree that you can wear at every wedding, Diwali function, Eid function, mehendi, haldi and rest of the festives that are on the way online for women in USA, UK, Canada and worldwide at FashionandStylish. With the best silk saree and these simple tricks for styling your silk saree, you can easily rock evry function. So what are you waiting for, go shop now.

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